Monday, March 30, 2009

My first review coming soon!!!!

Ok everyone stay tuned! I have an awesome opportunity to get my foot in the door on reviewing products. I am excited to get this and can't wait to post my official review. But for a sneak peek here's the amazing company that I'm working with.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

GOAL ~ Healthy Home

In my ongoing quest to 'go green' I am always looking for healthier products on the market to improve and protect the environment while being safe and effective for my family.

Thanks to Dexter's Super Savvy Mommy and a hand from EcoStore USA I am able to do a huge overhaul on my home cleaning products, bath and body care products and more!

Not only is Maggie and EcoStore USA teaming up for a great giveaway I am taking advantage of the excellent timing and will be using my tax refund money to completely wipe out and replace all of my cleaning products that I am currently using and ashamed of.

Here is my shopping list:
  • Cream Cleanser ~ for the rough spots that need love
  • Dishwash Liquid ~ I can't believe that I am using chemicals on something my family is EATING off of!!!!
  • Lemon Rinse Aid ~ because I want my dishes to sparkle with a new chemical free glow!
  • Citrus Spray Cleaner/Refill
  • Toilet Cleaner ~ This is actually for my husband since he is the best and takes care of cleaning the bathroom! Back off ladies, he's mine! LOL

And to really impress you budget friendly divas out there, it will only cost $45.50. That's amazing! For those of us who cringe every time we are at the store because of the outrageous prices on cleaning products you'll be in love. Plus since a little goes a long way I won't have to worry about breaking the bank because I've run out of something quicker then I expected.

So to all of you out there, here's to a clean start! Thank you Maggie and Thank you EcoStore USA!