Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Coming soon...note on FTC/CPSIA

Hello All!!

I just wanted to make note of a few upcoming events for Unreal Baby! I am working on some upcoming product reviews including Miracle Noodles, Miss Label and a few more just for fun. This will be a sneak peek at what is to come later this year.

I'm also thinking and planning ahead for a big Black Friday extravaganza on my Hyena Cart. I'll be stocking a ton of great products, most ready to ship along with a few custom spots. So keep your eye on Unreal Baby.

Note on FTC/CPSIA: I am working on revamping my products; everything from what materials I'll use for instock items to packaging. I have labels in the works to comply with the FTC labeling regulations as well as the CPSIA requirements and tracking all my raw materials and inventory for everything Unreal Baby has to offer. The good thing is that this will create more opportunities for me and I hope will be as painless and seamless as possible for me and my customers. The drawback is that I have cut my services in half and will not be offering as many products in the future as I had hoped. But I will continue to think outside the box and think of new products to bring to all of you to keep you wanting more.

Thanks again!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

I've hit the wall!

Hi all! I have made a very important decision and it involves my shoe tester mamas. I will be in touch shortly because unfortunately I just can't justify making you wait any longer for your shoes so I will be issuing refunds. Keep an eye out for some PMs on APA for more info.

I'm going to be starting school next week, we're STC #2 (insert banghead smiley here) and with me working full time I just can't justify trying to make you wait longer.

I still want to send something for you and your LOs as a HUGE thank you for sticking by me through this process. So keep an eye out for something.

There are a lot of other factors including the new labeling laws, CSPIA government regulations and some other factors that are very real hurdles for the WAHM community. I'm just a small time crafter who was hoping to make some extra play money but this puts me at risk to lose a lot if I decide not to play by the rules. As a supporter of WAHMs and hand made items I really feel for the WAHM community right now. There are many great companies (mama run, small biz etc) that are scrambling around right now and using up their resources to abide by these new laws and I feel it's an unfair strain on many shoulders.

So, Unreal Baby is scaling down a bit. I will be in touch soon. I have other ventures in the works to keep my mind running and I plan on continuing my crochet woolies after I finalize and fine tune my knowledge of what is required for those wares and services.

I hope this finds you all well and we'll chat soon!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Soda Stream giveaway at The Art of Random Willy-Nillyness!

You all have to check out this giveaway! I'm working on entering in the contest as we speak (or as I type, I should say)

So I encourage all of you to stop by this fun blog and check it out yourself!

Go there and find the Soda Stream Giveaway!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Now it makes sense!

Little miss has been quite the grouch lately. We've had numerous nursing sessions and cuddle times but she'd go from being happy and playing to cranky and throwing a tantrum. Now I know why. MOLARS!!!!!!

Those who have been there done that I now feel your pain. She already had one bottom molar pop through weeks ago but WOW she's getting her two top at the same time. Combine this with late nights, marathon nursing sessions and sleeping like a newborn makes for one tuckered out baby.

So here's how I discovered the little beauties causing pain to my babe. Whenever I cook dinner the past few weeks she insists on being part of the action. Normally this just means she'll open up the measuring cup drawer grab out a tablespoon and a cup and mix away till her hearts content. The past few nights have not been so easy. She MUST be held while I cook. This scares the crap out of me and then I end up handing dinner over to daddy and we go cuddle. So last night the husband took on dinner duty, yet again, and I stayed with the babe. We had spaghetti, one of our favorites because it's easy on the wallet, yummy and great for the girl to practice using her fork. About five minutes into eating she just started crying. That was that, I held her in my lap for the rest of dinner and she refused to use her fork or eat off her plate. She probably thought that's what made her hurt. So after a long dinner session, some applesauce and a few vanilla wafers later we were cleaning up. Daddy did a Dairy Queen run - YUM I have a new found love for chocolate dipped waffle bowls and the strawberry sundaes - and we treated the babe to some ice cream.

After that was cleaned up she signed and said bath. I was a little shocked because it was still rather early in the night- although it already felt like midnight. So I obliged and started the bath. 5 minutes in, she wanted out. I tempted her with a washcloth to help wash walrus (her adorable bath toy) and that kept her in a bit longer to soak and wind down. The washcloth was exactly what the Dr ordered. She gnawed on that thing like there was no tomorrow! So I asked her to 'bite' - a little game we play where she gets to chew and gum my fingers but where I in turn get to sneak a feel and check for new teeth - and much to my surprise she had TWO molars working their way through. I felt the one on her right and it had just begun to break through, a little sharp tip was poking out of the gums and on her left you could feel how swollen it was getting ready to break through.

I always tell her 'It's hard being a new person''; the things our babes have to endure the first few years of life are pretty baffling. Childbirth - as glorious as it is, is pretty intense on their little bodies, life outside of the womb - cold and dry, learning to crawl and walk and teething. There are so many more milestones they accomplish and all are spectacular in their own right but I think as an adult our minds make us forget what it's like achieving these feats. Just like a new mother after childbirth, she would do it again right then and there and endure every ounce of pain all over again just to get that first look at her precious child. You forget the pain. As cliche as it sounds I think this is exactly how it works for the first years of life. We forget what we endured for a reason.

But all in all, there's nothing a good cuddle and some mama milk doesn't take care of. I love this time of motherhood. Teething aside, she slept pretty darn good last night. Maybe it was the relief that mama finally caught on. ;) It's not a mystery any longer. Time to get out the Amber Teething Necklace and the Hyland's teething tablets.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Going off the deep end!

OK so I know I haven't blogged in a VERY LONG TIME! So here's the scoop. We have been extremely busy with family and friends and all the activities that summer time brings. In turn I have rarely had time to catch up, blog, or even catch my breath!

I am enrolling back into college for the Fall semester, working full time (always), being a part of my wonderfully dynamic family and working on my Unreal Baby creations.

I have a few testers yet to finish up and will be sewing THIS WEEKEND!!! Woohoo!!! Once I get my testers caught up for shoes I've decided that I will only continue making soft sole shoes for gifts and special occasions. I have come to the realization (or has it hit me like a ton of bricks?) that I don't have enough time to devote to sewing as I originally hoped I would. So, I'm working on playing catch up, yet again.

Here's the most recent on my SHOPPING CART COVERS:

*Maggie - I just have to finish the leg opening and your final shopping cart cover is DONE

*Mari - I have to finish the elastic and leg opening on yours and it will be DONE

I thank you BOTH for waiting so long on these and will be including a special something for the babes as a thank you for waiting so long.

Here's the most recent on the SHOES:

*I know most of those tiny feet have been busy growing away so I'm going to be contacting my last few testers to get the most up to date shoe sizes and once I get that I'll be cutting away on my breaks and lunch at work. Then on the weekends when I get a spare hour I'll work up a pair of shoes.
*Once I mail your shoes to you I'll send you the tester questionnaire to fill out.
*Future orders: I may do some in-stock orders to finish using up the leather I have on hand but once that's gone I'll only be doing these on a rare custom slot through my Hyena Cart store.

Here's the most recent on UNREAL BABY:

*I just stocked my store with a few goodies in the crochet world
*I hope to expand my products soon, always including woolies for the cloth diaper lovers out there. But also to make more useful products for around the house.
*Drum roll please.......................after much debate and weighing the pros and cons I am going to start blogging reviews and giveaways. I plan on launching this phase of Unreal Baby blogging in November 2009. I have a list of companies ready and I'm starting to contact them. Not only is this month a time of giving and being thankful, it's also my BIRTHDAY so it will be fun to launch this new endeavor.
(I feel after I successfully reviewed our beloved Snoo (Snoedel) I realized that I love finding new products on the market and can't wait to expand on this. Of course I have a soft spot for the 'green' side of life ever since I became a mother so I will be incorporating this into my blogging efforts.)

Other then that - things are well, Isla is growing like a weed and is smarter then ever and we are loving every moment we get together as family.

Sending all my love to my followers!!!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

What's new with Unreal Baby?

Well I'm glad you asked! :)

I have been very busy and doing a lot of catch up. I've been more active with my woolies then sewing lately because I can pick that up and go. I am slowly getting all my testers caught up and have refunded a few who have had other things come up and it was better to refund them then for them to wait. So here's my updated tester info:

Babies/Becky ~ I need to re cut Lyla's shoes (my oops when I started to sew) and I have your shoe's soles cut out, just picking your shoe fabric.
Living4Him/Kim ~ I'm waiting until I'm closer to working E's shoes to cut since she was in between sizes last time we chatted
curious_one/Amanda ~ shoes have arrived; Questionnaire will be PM'd to you by the end of the week
ITZALLFORME/Rickiann ~ shoes have arrived; Questionnaire will be PM'd to you by the end of the week
nosweetangel/Becky ~ Could I get an updated shoe size for Maddox? TX
HeatherJ/Heather ~ Are we still OK on the orig sizes for the kiddos?

I love making these shoes and have really perfected how I want to do the inside lining/waterproofing/etc. Now to master the applique. I am still planning on leaving the shoes plain so I can try to get them out to you ASAP but in cutting/re cutting I've made myself a lot of scrap pieces that I can start working with to get the applique down. I had looked into having the tops of the shoes embroidered but after much research and testing it would just be too difficult with a home embroidery machine. I have also found through personal experience that I prefer to have blank shoes available because sometimes Watermelons or Pandas just don't go with every outfit. LOL.

In other areas of my wares I'm just loving working with natural fibers! I am still crocheting regularly and have taken on a new pattern for Tunisian crochet longies/shorties/soakers. Once I get my first pair knocked out I'll be opening up a Pre-Order opportunity to raise funds for the cottage license fees.

So it's definitely been onward and upward! I have had a slow start to it all but now I'm really getting excited.

I will be posting more updates as they come!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Another diaper giveaway from Our Life Upstate!

I was browsing on the blog more and realized she had ANOTHER contest for FuzziBunz!!!!! Woohoo.

Check out Our Life Upstate's giveaway for FuzziBunz!!!!

Another great diaper giveaway!

There have been some awesome giveaways and reviews on Cloth Diapers lately! I'm so excited.

Here's another one by Our Life Upstate. There is a great review for AppleCheeks diapers where you can enter for a free diaper kit!

Check out the review here and then take a look at AppleCheeks.

Thanks and wish me luck!

Sunday, May 24, 2009

I LOVE me some cloth diaper contests!

Two of a kind, working on a Full House is doing an AWESOME giveaway for some Fuzzi Bunz One Size Cloth diapers. Her reviews are awesome and it's worth subscribing to or following her blog!

Check out Fuzzi Bunz here. They are excellent diapers and they have everything you'll need to get started!

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Snoedel Product Review by Unreal Baby!


Snoedel Product Review


Snoedel, Inc. is a family owned business dedicated to the development and manufacturing of high quality baby products. They are devoted to make products that are aimed to assist the baby’s mental and physical development. These products are so amazing that many hospitals are using them in their neonatal units!

The company is owned by three sisters and their mother: Sharon Haw, Sandy Chandler, Maria Sulick and Helen Kirkland. Each snoedel is hand made with love by women, mostly mothers themselves, who give great attention to detail and the quality of their work.

Home and Family Uses:

The Snoedel has so many therapeutic uses for our Little Ones. One of the most impacting uses I found the Snoedel is used for is when they are used for comforting preemies who have had to be separated from their mothers immediately after birth to be placed in an incubator and kept on medical equipment. These loveys are used to provide mother’s scent to initiate the mother-to-baby bonding while they are physically apart. How amazing is that!

Aromatherapy of the best kind – a scent of Mom:

The best thing about Snoedel is this amazing tag line. Not only does this cuddly and cute lovey provide comfort for our little kidlets it also uses our natural instincts relying on scent. Who do young babies need when they’re scared, hurt or sad? They need their parents. Breastfeeding moms can use this to transfer their scent onto Snoedel to comfort the little babes while they sleep. Mom and Dad can sleep with the Snoedel to transfer their comforting scents for the baby to use as well, it will feel like they are being wrapped up in your arms when they doze off into sleep; happy, comforted and secure. To get the best use from Snoedel takes 1 easy step. Just cuddle with your snoedel first, then give it to your child. That’s it! We followed the instructions that came with our Snoedel and he stayed in bed with all of us, cuddled with Isla while she nursed and napped so he’d be ready to go for three nights.

How did I find Snoedel?
I found out about Snoedels while reading an amazing book called The No-Cry Sleep Solution by Elizabeth Pantley. Isla has been co-sleeping since we came home from the hospital. We love it. However, she is now 14 months old and is still nursing through the night and Nick and I felt that she hasn’t been getting enough solid sleep her little mind and body needs so we turned to this book. One of the aids Pantley wrote about that helped her little guy transition was the Snoedel. It became a huge part of their lives. Isla has never taken to a lovey and I jumped at the opportunity to look into this to help her feel confident and secure during the night so she could sleep more.

I contacted Sharon at Snoedel originally because I was so excited after reading the information on her website I wanted to get one for us. She was amazing to work with and really helped me pick out a great Infant sized Snoedel. She really went above and beyond with her customer service. You just don't find that kind of help anymore!

Right when we got our little guy in the mail I took him out of the package and Isla instantly reached her arms up to take him. Now remember, she’s never taken to a lovey so I was impressed already! He is soft and snuggly and is so well made. Everything is so well thought out and this is the first toy I’ve felt safe letting her have without checking on her constantly to make sure she wasn’t going to get hurt by a toy or to make sure she wouldn’t play with something she could potentially choke on.

Since we’ve had our Snoedel, who is now lovingly referred to as Snoo by Isla, we haven’t made leaps and bounds in the sleep category but we have found a little guy that makes Isla smile each time she sees him as she’s running and reaching out for him. Now that’s love! As we start mapping out a solid sleep plan for her I truly don’t see how we’ll be able to NOT include Snoo. And I thank Sharon and Snoedel, Inc for that!

I highly recommend everyone get one of these precious loveys for their children. I know it will be a first choice gift for all of my friends and family at baby showers or birthdays from now on.

Here is a glimpse of the Snoedel we chose for Isla

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

The dream Ergo!

As many of you know, I love babywearing! Isla enjoys being up where she can see the world and it makes holding my little girl so much more comfortable and secure. Talk about a hands free multi-tasking mama!

Well a fellow blogger and fellow APA (American Pregnancy Association Forums) mama has her own blog review and giveaway site. And she's offering the mack daddy of ALL babywearing gear!

AN ERGO!!!! And it's an organic one at that!

So I am hoping to share her blog with my followers/friends/family (and get an extra entry in her contest). :)

Go take a peak! I have her button on my blog (Natural Mommie) and you can go straight to her Ergo review by using this link!



A fresh start! Shoes

Ok, so I have really dropped the ball on my soft sole shoe testers! So here's my game plan for you lovely ladies.

I am going to have some *me* time on Saturday so I will be cutting all new shoes and starting to sew for my tester kiddos. As a special gift that I mentioned in previous posts I will be sending each of you a mini body butter from The Body Shop. (my fave!) This is a thank you to all of you for being so wonderful and patient.

I will be heading over to APA soon to send you all a PM to get up to date shoe size info for the babes since I'm sure ALL of them have grown since I took measurements from you before.

Talk to you soon!

Monday, March 30, 2009

My first review coming soon!!!!

Ok everyone stay tuned! I have an awesome opportunity to get my foot in the door on reviewing products. I am excited to get this and can't wait to post my official review. But for a sneak peek here's the amazing company that I'm working with.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

GOAL ~ Healthy Home

In my ongoing quest to 'go green' I am always looking for healthier products on the market to improve and protect the environment while being safe and effective for my family.

Thanks to Dexter's Super Savvy Mommy and a hand from EcoStore USA I am able to do a huge overhaul on my home cleaning products, bath and body care products and more!

Not only is Maggie and EcoStore USA teaming up for a great giveaway I am taking advantage of the excellent timing and will be using my tax refund money to completely wipe out and replace all of my cleaning products that I am currently using and ashamed of.

Here is my shopping list:
  • Cream Cleanser ~ for the rough spots that need love
  • Dishwash Liquid ~ I can't believe that I am using chemicals on something my family is EATING off of!!!!
  • Lemon Rinse Aid ~ because I want my dishes to sparkle with a new chemical free glow!
  • Citrus Spray Cleaner/Refill
  • Toilet Cleaner ~ This is actually for my husband since he is the best and takes care of cleaning the bathroom! Back off ladies, he's mine! LOL

And to really impress you budget friendly divas out there, it will only cost $45.50. That's amazing! For those of us who cringe every time we are at the store because of the outrageous prices on cleaning products you'll be in love. Plus since a little goes a long way I won't have to worry about breaking the bank because I've run out of something quicker then I expected.

So to all of you out there, here's to a clean start! Thank you Maggie and Thank you EcoStore USA!

Friday, February 20, 2009

And the winner is............


Congratulations Becky. You won the Mama shoe contest. I'll send you a pair of surprise shoes when I send your testers.

Thank you ladies, you have all been so patient and kind. I am getting closer and can't wait to start shipping the shoes!!!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Unreal Baby: Policies & Procedures

IMPORTANT: Please be aware of my policies and procedures prior to placing an order with me. I strive to provide excellent customer service and communication is the first and most important factor for me. If you ever have any questions, comments or concerns you are always welcome to contact me directly. In fact, I welcome it. Thank you! ~ Debra, Unreal Baby

I create hand made sewn and crocheted products for you and your child. The patterns I use are either my own creations or made while using cottage industry licenses. If you would like more information on where and how my products were created or information on my licenses please contact me. I respect my fellow WAHM business owners and would never intentionally misuse their products or patterns.

Pricing: I price each individual item based on the time involved, intricacy and the materials that are used in creating a product. For example, one pair of medium longies may cost $45 while another pair of medium longies will cost $75. The first pair were made from Lion’s brand wool and the second pair were made from hand dyed wool from a WAHM. If you are familiar with the cost of wool then you will understand the cost difference between the two. If you are ever curious as to why I price an item the way I do you are more than welcome to ask me. I will always let you know how I came to that decision.

Payments: I accept all forms of PayPal. If you pay by E-check it must clear prior to me starting your custom or shipping an in-stock item. A non-refundable deposit of $10 is required for all custom spots. Once the custom has been completed you will receive an invoice for the remaining balance including shipping. Payments are due within 7 days of receiving the invoice. Because we are only human, I understand that special circumstances do arise so if you have concerns with being able to make the final payment contact me to discuss your options. If payment is not received I reserve the right to re-list the item for sale.

Shipping: Items will be shipped through USPS and will have delivery confirmation on EVERY package shipped. Although I do not require insurance to be purchased, I highly recommend the buyer elects coverage. I cannot be held responsible for lost/stolen/damaged items once it leaves my possession. All orders over $100 will require insurance and will be calculated into the final shipping fees.

Refunds/Returns: I will accept refund/return items as long as they are unused/unwashed/undamaged. You must contact me within15 days of receiving the product to begin the refund/return process. I require that the item be shipped back to me at the customer’s expense. Upon my examination and after I have determined that the product is indeed unused/unwashed/undamaged I will refund the customer the original purchase price minus shipping charges. No refund/exchange will be accepted on a custom item that does not fit properly. My custom items are made based on measurements provided by customers. If you are unsure of how to obtain the correct sizing information, contact me and I will gladly help you. In-stock items will have measurement information listed and are not eligible for a refund unless the item has been grossly misrepresented. All sales are final for items listed as ‘seconds’, ‘used’ or ‘clearance’ and are non-refundable. If you are unsure if the product you purchased is eligible for a refund/return contact me and we will discuss your options. If an item is found to be ‘defective’ (i.e. defect or damage is not a result of shipping) I will pay for you to ship it back to me and I will do an even exchange. Customers requesting an exchange on a defective item must notify me within 30 days of receiving product.

Customs: I love creating custom hand made items. Contact me with your ideas and I’d be glad to accommodate you.

In Stock: Occasionally I will offer in-stock items. Pricing/information will be listed at the time I stock the item. The information will include size, price, product description, color options, etc. If you love the item but want a different color contact me and we can set up a custom for you!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Soft Sole Shoe testers please read!

I have worked out a new schedule to allow more time for me to sew. In fact, I will be sewing tonight!

But before I start I wanted to know if anyone wanted to 'upgrade' their shoes to have a waterproof inner lining. The lining will be hidden between the sole leather and the liner. This will help those walkers get around and you won't have to worry if they step in a puddle, wet grass or the juice they just poured on the floor! :)

I will do this for free for my testers if you want it as a Thank You for being so patient with this process!! You know how to reach me and I'll make sure to contact you prior to sewing your shoes.

Also I want to offer up a contest for one of you to win a pair of Mama size soft sole shoes. These will automatically have the PUL inner liner to protect your feet from moisture. It will be a surprise shoe where I pick the color combination/embellishment/etc.

To be entered in the Mama Shoe contest just comment here with your shoe size and I will pick a winner with a random number generator. The drawing will be done February 18th @ 7:00 pm ET. (Isla's birthday!!!) So hurry and leave me a comment!

PLEASE NOTE: This contest is for my soft sole shoe testers only and not open to the public at this time. Thank you!

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Custom Pricing List for Crochet Diaper Covers

Price/Yarnage needed for YYMH:

These yardages are the closest estimates, any additional yarn will be shipped back to you with your product. Please remember that crochet uses more yarn.

Longies (Pepper Pants, Morning Glory, Dragon Fly, Poppy Pants)
Newborn: $30, 255 yards, 5 oz
Small: $35, 300 yards, 6 oz
Medium: $40, 390 yards, 8 oz
Large: $45, 480 yards, 10 oz

Skirty (Carnation Soaker)
Newborn: $30, 450 yards, 9 oz
Small: $35, 525 yards, 10.5 oz
Medium: $40, 600 yards, 12 oz
Large: $45, 675 yards, 13.5 oz

Capris (Forget Me Knot)
Newborn: $25, 200 yards, 4 oz
Small: $30, 250 yards, 5 oz
Medium: $35, 350 yards, 7 oz
Large: $40, 450 yards, 9 oz

Shorties (Poppy Shorts, Honeysuckle Shorties)
Newborn: $25, 195 yards, 4 oz
Small: $30, 225 yards, 4.5 oz
Medium: $35, 300 yards, 6 oz
Large: $40, 375 yards, 7.5 oz

Soakers (Peppermint)
Newborn: $20, 150 yards, 3 oz
Small: $25, 195 yards, 4 oz
Medium: $30, 225 yards, 4.5 oz
Large: $35, 300 yards, 6 oz

Custom Premium Yarn Prices

These are base prices and depending on the initial cost of the yarn the price may go up or down.

Longies (Pepper Pants, Morning Glory, Dragon Fly, Poppy Pants)
Newborn: $55
Small: $60
Medium: $65
Large: $70

Skirty (Carnation Soaker)
Newborn: $55
Small: $60
Medium: $65
Large: $70

Capris (Forget Me Knot)
Newborn: $50
Small: $55
Medium: $60
Large: $65

Shorties (Poppy Shorts, Honeysuckle Shorties)
Newborn: $45
Small: $50
Medium: $55
Large: $60

Soakers (Peppermint)
Newborn: $40
Small: $45
Medium: $50
Large: $55

Add Ons/Price
Elastic Waist: $10
Extra Drawstring: $5
Girly Ruffles: $7+
Pocket: $8
Applique: $10+

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Diapers ARE Savvy!

As you all know I am a cloth diaper freak! I love them! I love buying them, window shopping for them and converting friends to cloth diapers.

Right now there is a contest running on Dexter's Super Savvy Mommy to win a 3-pack of Fuzzi Bunz cloth diapers in any size they offer. All you have to do is go to the Fuzzi Bunz site and leave a comment on Maggie's blog. She has all the details on how to enter and how to get extra entries.

From my personal experiences, Fuzzi Bunz are great diapers. They are very trim fitting unlike other cloth diapers that can be very bulky. They are so easy to care for and very convenient. Because they are pocket diapers you have complete freedom to choose how absorbent you want them. They are great daytime and nighttime diapers depending on how much you stuff them. This company is superb and stands behind their product and so do I!

Monday, February 2, 2009

Crochet Cloth Diaper Cover Heaven!!!

Hello All! It's been a while since I've posted updates or any news so I wanted to get on here and fill you all in. I decided to drop my classes I signed up for this semester. Life happens and I just got overwhelmed so now I have some more free time to pursue some destressing activities....like sewing/crocheting/etc. :)

I would like to announce that I now have the license for ALL of the crochet covers from Ladybugz Farm! I am so excited because Victoria creates amazing patterns and has excellent customer service. She really takes care of all her customers whether they have a cottage license with her or if they are simply purchasing a pattern for personal use. If you ever want to try your hand at some fun crochet covers definitely check out her patterns. They provide a wealth of information for beginners and long time crocheters.

I will be offering up some in stock items on my Hyena Cart as well as some Semi Custom spots for Longies.

Here is a sneak peek at the patterns I can now create for you. (pictures/content are from Ladybugz Farm and I have written permission to use them on my blog)

Poppy Pattern (Longies/Shorties): This pattern includes multiple options for finishing. Long leg ribbed with ruffle; short ribbed soaker; and puffy legged shorts. The cover offers a wide crotch area for those that are wearing those bulky cloth diapers. It has a special extension at the back to hug your baby nicely in those important areas.

Poppy Shorties Boy

Poppy Shorties Girl

Pepper Pants (Longies): crocheted longie with narrow legs; gusset and the rear extension.

Pepper Pants Front

Pepper Pants Side

HoneySuckle (shorties): crocheted shortie/soaker with the NEW gusset added between the legs. It also has a special extension at the back to hug your baby nicely in those important areas.
Honeysuckle Shorties

Morning Glory (longies): (This was the only pattern I offered previously) flared leg longie
Morning Glory Longies

Dragon Fly (longies): crocheted straight leg longie
DragonFly Longies Front
DragonFly Longies Side

Peppermint Soaker: crocheted soaker
Peppermint Soaker

Carnation Soaker (skirty!): crocheted soaker with a special skirt section
Carnation Skirty

Forget Me Knot (capris): crocheted flared capri
Forget Me Knot Capris Front
Forget Me Knot Capris Back

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Custom Capris

I just have to say, I love working with wool. It is so easy on the hands and when you get the opportunity to work with great artisans and their hand dyed wool it really can't get much better than this!

These are a custom for Amanda. I haven't completed the drawstring but I couldn't wait to share the pictures. They have a 4 1/2" inseam and not only will they be perfect for a warm Texas winter around the house but they'll be great for out and about in the summertime!

These capris were made from the Ladybugz Farm Morning Glory pattern and I just adjusted the inseam to create capris instead of longies. This pattern gives me so much flexibility to create unique one of a kind pieces and is so easy to follow. I have a cottage license for this pattern only but hope to obtain the licenses for all her other patterns in the near future. Make sure to check her out on my Fave Places list. The yarn is hand dyed yarn from Mosaic Moon on Bulky BFL. Scrumptious!



Here is a close up of the edging, I love this shell edging.


Sunday, January 11, 2009

First Custom Longies

I wasn't able to sew this weekend so I started on my custom YYMH (Your Yarn My Hook) longies list. I LOVE this yarn from Mosaic Moon and can't wait to continue making longies from it in different colorways.

These are a pair of small longies in the Woodland Tale colorway dyed on BFL Bulky Wool. The drawstring is made with a Ancient Lucet and will also have a back up solid blue drawstring.


Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Tester Updates!!!

Ok ladies, now that I have Ava's shoes done I'm getting a lot more motivation and hope to start knocking these out. I wanted to show you the leather packs I got for you all. I let the owner of Make Them Yourself put these together for me. The brown you'll see on the very bottom of each pack is the thick leather sole, the gray on top of that is a soft suede like fabric for the lining of the shoes. Some of the color combinations are quite fun so I can't wait coming up with different designs.

Girl Testers: I plan on making Mary Janes for you. Due to the style of MJs you won't get characters/designs appliqued on. You will have variations of the Mary Jane shoes I made for Ava. IF you would prefer a shoe style contact me ASAP as I will be finishing the cutting tomorrow night. Once it's cut, it's cut. Thank you!

Boy Testers: You will have the regular shoe styles with assorted applique on top. I will determine the character/design based on the colors in your pack. If, after seeing your color choices you have an idea let me know. I won't start cutting the applique until all the shoe bases are cut out.

BONUS: If you become a follower I will include an extra surprise with your shoes when I ship them!

1. nosweetangel
Colors: Black, grey, dark burgandy
Shoe Size: Infant, 6W
Status: Need to cut (size changed)
Waterproof: Yes
follower bonus


2. Living4Him
Colors: Aqua, pinks, browns
Shoe Size: Infant, no size given yet
Applique: N/A, Mary Jane Shoe


3. virginia+3
Colors: Brown, tans, black
Shoe Size: Infant, Measurements: 3.5" x 1 3/4" (Size 2)
Status: Leather cut, ready to sew
Applique: requested teddy bear
follower bonus


4. curious_one
Colors: Blue, red, yellow, green, white, black
Shoe Size: Infant, 5 wide
Status: Leather cut, ready to sew
Applique: requested balloons
Waterproof: Yes
follower bonus


5. VanessaJ
Colors: light spring green, multi pinks
Shoe Size: Infant, 5
Status: Leather cut, ready to sew
Applique: N/A, Mary Jane Shoe
follower bonus


Colors: Red, tan, blue
Shoe Size: Infant, 4
Status: Need to cut
Applique: Requested Bear/Heart, Mary Jane Shoe, diff color scheme (white/purple on hand)


7. Babies
Colors: Pink, spring green, multi pinks
Shoe Size: Toddler, 6
Status: Need to cut (size changed)
Applique: N/A, Mary Jane Shoe
follower bonus


8. HeatherJ (traded a tester spot for a soft cloth doll)
Colors: Girl - Red, white, green, yellow, coral; Boy - Black, tans, multi blues
Shoe Size: Girl - Infant, Measurements 5" x 2.5"; Boy - Toddler, 9
Status: Leather cut, ready to sew
Applique: Boy - Requested Horses, Girl - N/A, Mary Jane Shoe
follower bonus


Shoes for Ava!

I just finished making these adorable Mary Janes for a sweet little girl named Ava. She is one of my tester babes for soft soled shoes. I really loved how these came out. I think they're quite cute for my first attempt at Mary Janes.





Sunday, January 4, 2009

Finished Longies

I had finished these a long time ago and they are so much fun to put on Isla. I just realized today though that I had never posted a picture of the finished longies. Only the work in progress. So here they are! I love all the extra room in the rear. Great for fluffy bums.




Here is Isla being silly wearing her longies. You can see the evidence of her learning how to walk. She's getting lots of bumps and bruises.




Friday, January 2, 2009


Welcome my new little friend, Grenouille. This little frog is for a friend on my online forums and I can't wait to send her a picture of him. I'm also making a monkey for her which should be done soon! But for now, here's the frog.


Thursday, January 1, 2009

New Hats....

I just finished another hat this week for a friend so I thought I'd post it. This is an adult sized ear flap hat. Black with bright green accent. I hope she loves it because I told her I was going to surprise her.


Up next is a hat I made for a little one. This is one of my favorites so far. It's an infant sized ear flap hat with bear ears. It was a custom and includes the braided ties on the ear flaps. I hope to get some action pics soon. (Please excuse the plans under the hat, I finished it on my lunch break at work, lol)