Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Co-Op Addiction!

I think I have an addiction!

I have been introduced to a few co-ops either for fabric of for yarn. I just put in an order for Mosaic Moon Yarn and now they're offering a Purewool co-op. I think I'm forming a dangerous addiction for hand dyed yarn. :)

So in the near future (after the Holidays) my YYMH option might expand to offering size customs on specific colorways for Longies/Other Crochet items.

Here are the colorways I'll be working with, either for myself or a pre-order for longies, from Mosaic Moon (pics from Mosaic Moon's website):

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Getting caught up....

So I've had a lot happen since I originally opened my tester slots for soft sole baby shoes. I obtained a license to sell Shopping Cart Covers, Nursing Covers, Wool Longies for Cloth Diapering and I have been on a buying frenzy of various materials to get started.

I am in process of making 3 shopping cart covers. The ladies provided the material and funds to purchase the notions. This worked out great! Each will have a completely custom shopping cart cover unique for their little one and they chose spectacular fabrics!

I have closed my tester slots for the soft sole baby shoes and received the leather! I'm just collecting some last minute details from my testers before I start cutting.

And as of yesterday I submitted my first order for yarn for longies. I have pre-orders for YYMH and can't wait to get the ball rolling on those.

So I'm busy and will be busy until after the Holiday season but I am looking forward to every minute.

I want to thank all of my mamas who are participating in my testing phases or who have made pre-orders. This is a huge step in the right direction for Unreal Baby.

Thank you all!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Now Available! YYMH!

Now Available: Your Yarn My Hook Custom Longies!

You send me your yarn, and I'll crochet you a pair of longies! I use the ladybugz pattern which has a rear extension to make room for that cloth diapered bum!

Please allow 2-3 weeks from the time I receive your yarn. You pay the fee, ship the yarn to me, I'll make the longies and you pay shipping back to you - easy!

I can wash and lanolize upon request at no additional charge, but keep in mind it will add about 3 days onto the shipping date to allow for ample time to dry!

"This product has been created under a special cottage industry license granted by Ladybugz Farms. Patterns require a license and written permission from the copyright owner. We thank you for your support of our licensed contractors. While we know that our licensed contractors do their very best to provide you with a quality product, Ladybugz Farms does not assume responsibility or any form of liability for the quality of the item made from their pattern by the licensee. The Designer and Licensed Contractor who constructed this item disclaim all liability for any losses or injuries due to the use or misuse of the item. Please use good judgment and always put safety first."