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Snoedel Product Review by Unreal Baby!


Snoedel Product Review


Snoedel, Inc. is a family owned business dedicated to the development and manufacturing of high quality baby products. They are devoted to make products that are aimed to assist the baby’s mental and physical development. These products are so amazing that many hospitals are using them in their neonatal units!

The company is owned by three sisters and their mother: Sharon Haw, Sandy Chandler, Maria Sulick and Helen Kirkland. Each snoedel is hand made with love by women, mostly mothers themselves, who give great attention to detail and the quality of their work.

Home and Family Uses:

The Snoedel has so many therapeutic uses for our Little Ones. One of the most impacting uses I found the Snoedel is used for is when they are used for comforting preemies who have had to be separated from their mothers immediately after birth to be placed in an incubator and kept on medical equipment. These loveys are used to provide mother’s scent to initiate the mother-to-baby bonding while they are physically apart. How amazing is that!

Aromatherapy of the best kind – a scent of Mom:

The best thing about Snoedel is this amazing tag line. Not only does this cuddly and cute lovey provide comfort for our little kidlets it also uses our natural instincts relying on scent. Who do young babies need when they’re scared, hurt or sad? They need their parents. Breastfeeding moms can use this to transfer their scent onto Snoedel to comfort the little babes while they sleep. Mom and Dad can sleep with the Snoedel to transfer their comforting scents for the baby to use as well, it will feel like they are being wrapped up in your arms when they doze off into sleep; happy, comforted and secure. To get the best use from Snoedel takes 1 easy step. Just cuddle with your snoedel first, then give it to your child. That’s it! We followed the instructions that came with our Snoedel and he stayed in bed with all of us, cuddled with Isla while she nursed and napped so he’d be ready to go for three nights.

How did I find Snoedel?
I found out about Snoedels while reading an amazing book called The No-Cry Sleep Solution by Elizabeth Pantley. Isla has been co-sleeping since we came home from the hospital. We love it. However, she is now 14 months old and is still nursing through the night and Nick and I felt that she hasn’t been getting enough solid sleep her little mind and body needs so we turned to this book. One of the aids Pantley wrote about that helped her little guy transition was the Snoedel. It became a huge part of their lives. Isla has never taken to a lovey and I jumped at the opportunity to look into this to help her feel confident and secure during the night so she could sleep more.

I contacted Sharon at Snoedel originally because I was so excited after reading the information on her website I wanted to get one for us. She was amazing to work with and really helped me pick out a great Infant sized Snoedel. She really went above and beyond with her customer service. You just don't find that kind of help anymore!

Right when we got our little guy in the mail I took him out of the package and Isla instantly reached her arms up to take him. Now remember, she’s never taken to a lovey so I was impressed already! He is soft and snuggly and is so well made. Everything is so well thought out and this is the first toy I’ve felt safe letting her have without checking on her constantly to make sure she wasn’t going to get hurt by a toy or to make sure she wouldn’t play with something she could potentially choke on.

Since we’ve had our Snoedel, who is now lovingly referred to as Snoo by Isla, we haven’t made leaps and bounds in the sleep category but we have found a little guy that makes Isla smile each time she sees him as she’s running and reaching out for him. Now that’s love! As we start mapping out a solid sleep plan for her I truly don’t see how we’ll be able to NOT include Snoo. And I thank Sharon and Snoedel, Inc for that!

I highly recommend everyone get one of these precious loveys for their children. I know it will be a first choice gift for all of my friends and family at baby showers or birthdays from now on.

Here is a glimpse of the Snoedel we chose for Isla

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