Tuesday, June 2, 2009

What's new with Unreal Baby?

Well I'm glad you asked! :)

I have been very busy and doing a lot of catch up. I've been more active with my woolies then sewing lately because I can pick that up and go. I am slowly getting all my testers caught up and have refunded a few who have had other things come up and it was better to refund them then for them to wait. So here's my updated tester info:

Babies/Becky ~ I need to re cut Lyla's shoes (my oops when I started to sew) and I have your shoe's soles cut out, just picking your shoe fabric.
Living4Him/Kim ~ I'm waiting until I'm closer to working E's shoes to cut since she was in between sizes last time we chatted
curious_one/Amanda ~ shoes have arrived; Questionnaire will be PM'd to you by the end of the week
ITZALLFORME/Rickiann ~ shoes have arrived; Questionnaire will be PM'd to you by the end of the week
nosweetangel/Becky ~ Could I get an updated shoe size for Maddox? TX
HeatherJ/Heather ~ Are we still OK on the orig sizes for the kiddos?

I love making these shoes and have really perfected how I want to do the inside lining/waterproofing/etc. Now to master the applique. I am still planning on leaving the shoes plain so I can try to get them out to you ASAP but in cutting/re cutting I've made myself a lot of scrap pieces that I can start working with to get the applique down. I had looked into having the tops of the shoes embroidered but after much research and testing it would just be too difficult with a home embroidery machine. I have also found through personal experience that I prefer to have blank shoes available because sometimes Watermelons or Pandas just don't go with every outfit. LOL.

In other areas of my wares I'm just loving working with natural fibers! I am still crocheting regularly and have taken on a new pattern for Tunisian crochet longies/shorties/soakers. Once I get my first pair knocked out I'll be opening up a Pre-Order opportunity to raise funds for the cottage license fees.

So it's definitely been onward and upward! I have had a slow start to it all but now I'm really getting excited.

I will be posting more updates as they come!


Heather Jones said...

Hey! I just saw this! Probably not, because I think those measurements were from Feb or March, right? Aidan is now in a size 10 and Olivia is in 5-6. Let me know if you need me to give you exact measurements of their feet.

Becky said...

Hey Girl! :) Just checking in on you!!!


nosweetangel said...

Maddox is now a size 7.

UnrealBaby said...

AWESOME! TX ladies, I just saw these comments. I had a sloooow go there for a bit and was very discouraged after I posted this blog so now I'm back at it.