Monday, August 3, 2009

Going off the deep end!

OK so I know I haven't blogged in a VERY LONG TIME! So here's the scoop. We have been extremely busy with family and friends and all the activities that summer time brings. In turn I have rarely had time to catch up, blog, or even catch my breath!

I am enrolling back into college for the Fall semester, working full time (always), being a part of my wonderfully dynamic family and working on my Unreal Baby creations.

I have a few testers yet to finish up and will be sewing THIS WEEKEND!!! Woohoo!!! Once I get my testers caught up for shoes I've decided that I will only continue making soft sole shoes for gifts and special occasions. I have come to the realization (or has it hit me like a ton of bricks?) that I don't have enough time to devote to sewing as I originally hoped I would. So, I'm working on playing catch up, yet again.

Here's the most recent on my SHOPPING CART COVERS:

*Maggie - I just have to finish the leg opening and your final shopping cart cover is DONE

*Mari - I have to finish the elastic and leg opening on yours and it will be DONE

I thank you BOTH for waiting so long on these and will be including a special something for the babes as a thank you for waiting so long.

Here's the most recent on the SHOES:

*I know most of those tiny feet have been busy growing away so I'm going to be contacting my last few testers to get the most up to date shoe sizes and once I get that I'll be cutting away on my breaks and lunch at work. Then on the weekends when I get a spare hour I'll work up a pair of shoes.
*Once I mail your shoes to you I'll send you the tester questionnaire to fill out.
*Future orders: I may do some in-stock orders to finish using up the leather I have on hand but once that's gone I'll only be doing these on a rare custom slot through my Hyena Cart store.

Here's the most recent on UNREAL BABY:

*I just stocked my store with a few goodies in the crochet world
*I hope to expand my products soon, always including woolies for the cloth diaper lovers out there. But also to make more useful products for around the house.
*Drum roll please.......................after much debate and weighing the pros and cons I am going to start blogging reviews and giveaways. I plan on launching this phase of Unreal Baby blogging in November 2009. I have a list of companies ready and I'm starting to contact them. Not only is this month a time of giving and being thankful, it's also my BIRTHDAY so it will be fun to launch this new endeavor.
(I feel after I successfully reviewed our beloved Snoo (Snoedel) I realized that I love finding new products on the market and can't wait to expand on this. Of course I have a soft spot for the 'green' side of life ever since I became a mother so I will be incorporating this into my blogging efforts.)

Other then that - things are well, Isla is growing like a weed and is smarter then ever and we are loving every moment we get together as family.

Sending all my love to my followers!!!

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