Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Coming soon...note on FTC/CPSIA

Hello All!!

I just wanted to make note of a few upcoming events for Unreal Baby! I am working on some upcoming product reviews including Miracle Noodles, Miss Label and a few more just for fun. This will be a sneak peek at what is to come later this year.

I'm also thinking and planning ahead for a big Black Friday extravaganza on my Hyena Cart. I'll be stocking a ton of great products, most ready to ship along with a few custom spots. So keep your eye on Unreal Baby.

Note on FTC/CPSIA: I am working on revamping my products; everything from what materials I'll use for instock items to packaging. I have labels in the works to comply with the FTC labeling regulations as well as the CPSIA requirements and tracking all my raw materials and inventory for everything Unreal Baby has to offer. The good thing is that this will create more opportunities for me and I hope will be as painless and seamless as possible for me and my customers. The drawback is that I have cut my services in half and will not be offering as many products in the future as I had hoped. But I will continue to think outside the box and think of new products to bring to all of you to keep you wanting more.

Thanks again!

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