Wednesday, August 19, 2009

I've hit the wall!

Hi all! I have made a very important decision and it involves my shoe tester mamas. I will be in touch shortly because unfortunately I just can't justify making you wait any longer for your shoes so I will be issuing refunds. Keep an eye out for some PMs on APA for more info.

I'm going to be starting school next week, we're STC #2 (insert banghead smiley here) and with me working full time I just can't justify trying to make you wait longer.

I still want to send something for you and your LOs as a HUGE thank you for sticking by me through this process. So keep an eye out for something.

There are a lot of other factors including the new labeling laws, CSPIA government regulations and some other factors that are very real hurdles for the WAHM community. I'm just a small time crafter who was hoping to make some extra play money but this puts me at risk to lose a lot if I decide not to play by the rules. As a supporter of WAHMs and hand made items I really feel for the WAHM community right now. There are many great companies (mama run, small biz etc) that are scrambling around right now and using up their resources to abide by these new laws and I feel it's an unfair strain on many shoulders.

So, Unreal Baby is scaling down a bit. I will be in touch soon. I have other ventures in the works to keep my mind running and I plan on continuing my crochet woolies after I finalize and fine tune my knowledge of what is required for those wares and services.

I hope this finds you all well and we'll chat soon!

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