Friday, October 10, 2008

And it begins......

So after months of thinking about blogging, reading others' blogs and browsing sites that reference blogs, I've taken the plunge!

I have decided I would start blogging. Why not, right?

A while back my husband and I came up with a name for my future side project. Unreal Baby. It wasn't a hit with my sister but it was unique and catchy so it stuck. I want to create items for babies and families. I have so many ideas bouncing around in my head. Anything from original silk screen onesies and tees, to sewing crafts, crocheting, knitting. So this blog will keep track of my trials and errors, successes and progress.

This all came about after we had our little girl Isla. She was born on Feb 18, 2008. She is the best thing my husband and I have done. She is the center of our world and you'll be seeing a lot of her when I get things rolling. She's quite the model.

So stay tuned, this is going to be a ride for sure.

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