Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Testing Phase 1

Tester Information:
Prices for Testers based on size:
Infant $12.50, Toddler $14.50, Child $16.50

Soft Sole Shoes

  1. virginia+3
  2. nosweetangel
  3. curious_one
  4. Living4Him

Soft Sole Mary Jane

  1. Kristen & Ava
  3. Babies
  4. vanessaj
Tester Requirements:

  • One product for each tester
  • Must be willing to provide detailed feedback (I will be sending a questionnaire to each tester)
  • Must be willing to pay for a portion of the materials (ex: If you're testing a nursing cover I'll ask you pay for the material being used but not for the notions) Prices will vary depending on what you're testing. If I know the cost of basic materials they will be listed above.
  • Must be willing to send me a photo of you using the product

Addt'l Info:

  • I will cover shipping to you
  • I work full time and go to school so I'll be working on one tester at a time so this might take some time. I ask that you be patient with me while I get the supplies/make the items.
  • I'll be post updates of what I'm working on. It will show who's tester product I'm making, when I'll ship it out, who's next, etc.

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