Friday, October 17, 2008

If the shoe fits....

I've been researching different product ideas and I've come across a great website.

Make Them Yourself

This is a great opportunity and I'm hoping to get a license for some of her patterns. Which brings me to my title. I have realized that there aren't a lot of homemade soft sole shoes being offered. (made by mommies anyway) So I'm really eyeing her shoe patterns.

These are moving to the top of my wish list for Unreal Baby.

In the meantime I will be getting a pattern for the shopping cart cover. I LOVE her design from what I've seen on her site and will be offering those within the next couple months. These will be made to order. These are extremely versatile. Here is the description from her website:

The shopping cart cover pattern's special features include:
  • Fully reversible so you can flip over easily during outings
  • Toy rings you can attach your child's favorite toys to
  • Secret pockets for your glasses, wallet, keys, etc.
  • Leg flaps to protect against pinching
  • Large button holes for seat belts
  • Security pillows to help support young ones

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