Monday, February 2, 2009

Crochet Cloth Diaper Cover Heaven!!!

Hello All! It's been a while since I've posted updates or any news so I wanted to get on here and fill you all in. I decided to drop my classes I signed up for this semester. Life happens and I just got overwhelmed so now I have some more free time to pursue some destressing sewing/crocheting/etc. :)

I would like to announce that I now have the license for ALL of the crochet covers from Ladybugz Farm! I am so excited because Victoria creates amazing patterns and has excellent customer service. She really takes care of all her customers whether they have a cottage license with her or if they are simply purchasing a pattern for personal use. If you ever want to try your hand at some fun crochet covers definitely check out her patterns. They provide a wealth of information for beginners and long time crocheters.

I will be offering up some in stock items on my Hyena Cart as well as some Semi Custom spots for Longies.

Here is a sneak peek at the patterns I can now create for you. (pictures/content are from Ladybugz Farm and I have written permission to use them on my blog)

Poppy Pattern (Longies/Shorties): This pattern includes multiple options for finishing. Long leg ribbed with ruffle; short ribbed soaker; and puffy legged shorts. The cover offers a wide crotch area for those that are wearing those bulky cloth diapers. It has a special extension at the back to hug your baby nicely in those important areas.

Poppy Shorties Boy

Poppy Shorties Girl

Pepper Pants (Longies): crocheted longie with narrow legs; gusset and the rear extension.

Pepper Pants Front

Pepper Pants Side

HoneySuckle (shorties): crocheted shortie/soaker with the NEW gusset added between the legs. It also has a special extension at the back to hug your baby nicely in those important areas.
Honeysuckle Shorties

Morning Glory (longies): (This was the only pattern I offered previously) flared leg longie
Morning Glory Longies

Dragon Fly (longies): crocheted straight leg longie
DragonFly Longies Front
DragonFly Longies Side

Peppermint Soaker: crocheted soaker
Peppermint Soaker

Carnation Soaker (skirty!): crocheted soaker with a special skirt section
Carnation Skirty

Forget Me Knot (capris): crocheted flared capri
Forget Me Knot Capris Front
Forget Me Knot Capris Back

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